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The project will be implemented within the framework of the Hungary-Romania Cross-Border Cooperation Program 2007-2013, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), as well as Hungary and Romania.

Tivadar okohaz004The development formulated by the partners focuses on the sustainable development based on environmental protection aspects and conservation of natural values. The concerned areas (Upper Tisza, area along the Tur River, Szatmár-Bereg, Szamoshát and Érmellék) represent unique values; these are mainly protected and/or landscape protection areas, decisive in the lives of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and Satu Mare counties.



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atado08As a matter of fact, the activities to be implemented within the framework of the project will exert their cross-border influence during the sustainability period. Owing to the services and cooperation of the Information Eco-Houses mainly, the following favourable effects will be achieved as a result of the activity of public utility performed by them:    



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20111102 1065585060 okohaz 7The opening event of the project “Establishment of Nature and Environmental Protection Information Centre” was held in Beregdaróc in the “Hét Csillag” Holiday and Conference centre on 26th October 2011. The purpose of the project is to bring closer the inhabitants, communities and economic partakers living and operating in the cross-border regions, in order to contribute to the joint development of the regions involved in the cooperation.



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The project partners

  • BIO-SZIL Nonprofit Kft. (4921 Tivadar, Petőfi Street, 18)
  • ASSOCIATION INTERACTION 2050 (Szatmárnémeti Drumui Careiului BI.C18.Ap.4.)
  • Érendréd village local government (447010 Andrid  str.Principala nr. 50