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The development formulated by the partners focuses on the sustainable development based on environmental protection aspects and conservation of natural values. The concerned areas (Upper Tisza, area along the Tur River, Szatmár-Bereg, Szamoshát and Érmellék) represent unique values; these are mainly protected and/or landscape protection areas, decisive in the lives of Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg and Satu Mare counties. This is why the existence of a patronizing organization in both regions is extremely important in order to take up the organizations acting in the field of environmental protection, harmonize their activities and developments, preserving these natural values and strengthening the actions of the population in the field of environmental protection. In order to reach the goals, the activities of the project have several elements, but the main goal is the development of such Informational Eco Houses, nature and environmental protection centers, that allow strong cooperation between the organizations acting in the border regions, and shall function as umbrella organization for these.

Project goals

The project concept, elaborated under the management of Bio-Szil Conservation and Environmental Management Nonprofit Ltd., aims to promote “Conservation, within environmental protection” within “Improving the key conditions for the joint, sustainable development of the cooperating region” priority. The enterprise is committed to the protection of natural values, sustainable development and the usage of environmental saving energy. Its’ goal is to raise the attention of the consumers (first of all of local government’s institutions, meaning large consumers) and generally the society, towards the importance of the efficiency of energy, energy awareness and long-run thinking, since all these have a great impact on the future and our environment and life-quality.

Overall goal of the project

Conservation of natural values and their exploitation in a sustainable manner.

Specific goals of the project

Increasing the population’s environmental awareness in order to popularize renewable energy sources in favor of conserving natural values and within this the following:
1.    Joining the EUSEW conference initiated by the European Union - European Union Sustainable Energy Week – having as main goal the call for using renewable energy sources, for energy efficiency, presenting market technologies, getting to know the importance of legislation and educational attitude in the area of buildings and transportation.
2.    Joining the goal formulated by the EU, according to which the carbon-dioxide emission of the 25 EU-members reaches a level under 10% of world share in the following decade.
3.    Supporting the spread of energy-saving, climate-awareness and the usage of bigger share of renewable sources in the region of Szatmár.
4.    Educating the population on the eastern border of the EU for an environmental-aware lifestyle, aiming that the sustainability becomes a value that people are aware of on a large scale as the result of cooperation between different stakeholders (economic sphere, civil sphere, education, scientific sphere, counselors and population); aiming that the methods of using sustainable alternatives and the effects of consumption become well-known.
5.    Promoting the extended use of renewable energy sources in agriculture, as well as the diminution the dependence of farmers on fossil energy.
Supplying nature- and environmental protection services, playing the role of an umbrella organization for the organizations functioning in the region.
Boosting the natural attractiveness of the region and increasing the number of visitors.



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4921 Tivadar, Petőfi u. 18.

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The project partners

  • BIO-SZIL Nonprofit Kft. (4921 Tivadar, Petőfi Street, 18)
  • ASSOCIATION INTERACTION 2050 (Szatmárnémeti Drumui Careiului BI.C18.Ap.4.)
  • Érendréd village local government (447010 Andrid  str.Principala nr. 50