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Cross-border character, effect

As a matter of fact, the activities to be implemented within the framework of the project will exert their cross-border influence during the sustainability period. Owing to the services and cooperation of the Information Eco-Houses mainly, the following favourable effects will be achieved as a result of the activity of public utility performed by them:    

  • - Less amount of waste in the regions concerned, in the environment of rivers.
  • - Selective waste collection will become more wide-spread; initial steps will be taken for waste recycling, usually requiring less energy than manufacture of products from primary raw materials.
  • - Energy-saving building renewal – reconstruction of min. 20 dwelling houses or local government institutions in 2 years.
  • - For the building projects, compliance with the environmental protection aspects, installation of environment-friendly technologies in the real estates.
  • - Decrease of the energy consumption, requiring combustion of lower amounts of fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) thus less carbon dioxide will get into the air.
  • - Less tree cutting; plantation of new forests, green areas, helping in the preservation of carbon binding ability of forests.
  • - Preservation of natural values of the regions and creation of more liveable environment for the future generation.
  • - Increase of knowledge of the protected flora and fauna in order to establish conscious and nature-friendly behaviour.

Medium and long-term impacts of the projects

Medium-term impacts:

  • - Protection of the habitats of protected plants and animals, preservation of their original conditions and maintain the ecological processes.
  • - Increase of number of visitors to the regions which will support the living of companies and local inhabitants engaged in the touristic sector.
  • - Increase of number of companies producing and consuming green energy in the region.
  • - Increase revenue of construction industry which will improve the level of employment through the project demands for energy-saving renewal.
  • - Helping the inhabitants in sustenance by making known the cheaper and more sustainable technologies to them.vel.

Long-term impacts:

  • - Less tree cutting, slowing down the greenhouse effect and decreasing the frequency of floods on the rivers.
  • - Establishment of consumption habits based on sustainable lifestyle.
  • - Increase of green energy consumption in the region, helping in the achievement of the 20% index projected by the EU.
  • - Helping in the achievement of objectives phrased in the documents KEOP and ÉAOP.


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The project partners

  • BIO-SZIL Nonprofit Kft. (4921 Tivadar, Petőfi Street, 18)
  • ASSOCIATION INTERACTION 2050 (Szatmárnémeti Drumui Careiului BI.C18.Ap.4.)
  • Érendréd village local government (447010 Andrid  str.Principala nr. 50