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One part of the equipment to be purchased within the framework of the project shall serve the operation of BIO-SZIL Non-profit Ltd., and another part of them shall serve as a demonstration aid, which can be visited in the showrooms of the Information Eco-house.

  • Mobile selective island
  • Combined bottle compactor
  • Universal trash compactor
  • Custom-designed cardboard furniture:
  • 4 pcs of cardboard cupboards
  • 1 pcs of oval tables
  • 2 pcs of exclusive cardboard armchairs
  • 1 pcs of cactus floor lamps
  • 1 pcs of exclusive cardboard sofas
  • 2 pcs of four-drawer filing-cabinets
  • 1 pcs of large shelves
  • 6 pcs of brochure holder swivel stands, with vertical, 4-storey advertisement holder plates, size: 12xA/4
  • Demonstration aids (wood gasification boiler, solar panels, solar cell system, heat insulating glass wool, facade insulation board, YTONG, Wienerberger bricks, plastic window)

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  • Interpreting system
  • Canoe: 4 pcs of IC Indian-type canoes
  • Canoe-transporter trailer
  • 4 sets of  conference tables + chairs
  • 60 pcs of conference chairs
  • 2 pcs of executive chairs
  • Wifi, router
  • Dvd
  • TV

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4921 Tivadar, Petőfi u. 18.

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The project partners

  • BIO-SZIL Nonprofit Kft. (4921 Tivadar, Petőfi Street, 18)
  • ASSOCIATION INTERACTION 2050 (Szatmárnémeti Drumui Careiului BI.C18.Ap.4.)
  • Érendréd village local government (447010 Andrid  str.Principala nr. 50